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National Cat Lover’s Month

By December 19, 2019 Uncategorized

While we may not really need a reason to love cats, here are some insightful reasons as to why so many people love cats!


-Cat’s don’t adjust personality traits to please their humans; they are all unique in their behavior and characteristics

-Cats are independent by nature, but seek humans out when they want to interact with us

-Cats are like a build-in sleep aid.  Their purr naturally calms us, just like it works for a Momma cat and her newborn kittens

-Cats inadvertently help the economy! When you love your cats, you spend money to provide for their needs; and also on fun impulse cat theme purchases to support your love for cats

-Cats can be relatively low maintenance when it comes to providing care- but this does not apply to all cats

-You don’t need to walk cats outside when it’s raining, snowing, or freezing outside

-Having a cat can provide for a natural ice breaker when talking with someone familiar or unfamiliar.  Who doesn’t love sharing pictures of their beloved pet!

-Having a cat and petting your cat releases those “feel good” oxytocin chemicals.  Interacting with them also lowers our blood pressure and just keeps us happy.

-Owning a cat reduces stress and anxiety


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