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Hazel-Happy Growing Girl!

By February 21, 2018 Uncategorized

Hazel had a very big day!  She came in for her Ovariohysterectomy, also known as a Spay surgery, and to have some pesky deciduous teeth, or baby teeth, removed because they had not fallen out on their own and her adult teeth had already grown in.  Both of these procedures were very important for Hazel’s health.  Hazel’s spay surgery not only prevents unwanted pregnancies but it also helps her to live a longer and healthier life by preventing uterine infections, breast tumors, and other malignant problems.  It was also important for Hazel’s baby teeth to be removed because they prevent the adult teeth from growing into the proper location, it causes crowding in the mouth which can lead to food or debris becoming trapped between the teeth, and in some cases it can even interfere with the normal growth and development of the jaw bones.  Fortunately for Hazel we were able to take care of everything for her!



After her big day, Hazel got to go home with her family where she will continue to take it easy for the next week while she recovers. We are happy we were able to help Hazel and are looking forward to seeing her continue to grow!

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