Rachael, C.V.T

I love to work with  geriatric patients, behavior challenged patients and feisty cats! (Which are all cats, really). I grew up in Chicago. Graduated from UIUC in 2003 ditched med school and dived right into vet medicine instead. I sat for my boards (was grandfathered in) in 2009 and have continued my journey since. I have 2 dogs a chow, golden mutt mix and a chihuahua and a lovey 16 yr old orange dsh, a 6 yr old boy and a hubby. I love exotic patients as well! It was my dream to be something in the vet world ever since I was little, I then thought I was interested in human medicine but I found my life gravitating toward our furry family members. I love this journey it has taken me I can’t see myself doing anything else. 🙂