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March Animal Hospital

Welcome to March Animal Hospital

Fear Free

You may have heard us mention that we have fear free certified team members or that we practice fear free medicine. We would love to explain what that actually means and what it looks like behind the scenes.
Fear Free is a way to practice veterinary medicine that reduces stress and fear for our patients and creates a safer environment for them and for our team.  We strive to minimize stressful triggers that start before you leave home until after your return home with your pet. In watching their behavior and learning their triggers, we can give our clients tools and information to help de-stress the entire process of going to the veterinarian. Some of those tools may be treats, distractions, or medications. We may suggest a happy visit (involves lots of good treats and belly rubs) or a pre-visit medication routine.
During the visit, your pet’s body language allows our doctors and nursing team to adapt and examine them where they are most comfortable. Keeping all the senses in mind – touch, sound, sight, smell, and taste allows us and your pets to be successful with visits. We combine all of these to create an opportunity for cooperative care. Consistent, gentle touch lets your pet know our intentions and feel comfortable with our approach. Low, calm voices and even classical music help to decrease stress and anxiety for all involved with the visit.  Our doctors avoid wearing their white coats that can be scary for many patients. The Client Service Representatives are quick to attend our entering patients to get them into a quiet, private room to avoid stressful interactions with other pets and people. The exam rooms are fitted with pheromone diffusers and our staff are careful to remove as much smell from the previous patient as possible. We have many levels of rewarding treats to offer your pets depending on their stress level and preferences.
Fear free encompasses multiple aspects of a pets visit to March, with the end goal to always be a safe and stress-free exam. We have all been very excited to bring the fear free process to March. Our team members have gone through training and certification processes for months and we will continue to do so to bring you all the best possible experience for your pets, and ideally for you.

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You can expect quality treatment for your pet from the professionals at March Animal Hospital. Our Veterinarians and staff ensure that your pet receives the best care possible and is treated like part of our family. We, like you, love pets and we want to have a life long bond with you and your pets.

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Emmalynn CroninGoogle Review

I had such an amazing experience at March Animal Hospital! I just adopted a new dog from a family and he had an infection that both the vet and vet tech helped tremendously. I felt very confident in the care my dog received. My family was so impressed that we decided to transfer my other two dogs here. I look forward to coming back!

Farah RiekerGoogle Review

I love March Animal Hospital! They are an amazing and caring group. They always take such great care of my pup. He loves it there so much I have to carry him out because he wants to stay and visit with his friends (staff)

David DivitoGoogle Review

We have been going to March Animal Hospital for almost a decade. They have always been good to us and our pets. With some of the new restrictions with Covid, they have been great. Providing personalized consultation with nurse staff and vet and having a creative and safe way of bringing our dogs in for their visit.

Megan BrazasFacebook Review

Dr. Singleton and the staff at March have provided exceptional care to our two cats this past year since switching from another vet. Our older cat has been diagnosed with chronic kidney disease as well as some other significant health issues, and Dr Singleton has provided the most up to date information and research and incredible care. She is kind, compassionate, caring, knowledgeable, and we feel thankful for our cats to receive care from her and the staff at March.

Callie DixonGoogle Review

Very helpful and kind staff. Great doctors. The staff and doctors provide excellent communication regarding your animal's situation. Have been going to March Animal Hospital for over 20 years. Highly recommended.

Katie ContrerasGoogle Review

March Animal Hospital is amazing! It is clear that everyone there truly loves animals and wants the best for them. We have two pointers who always seems to swallow something, puncture themselves, split a nail, etc. and March is always quick to get them in for an appointment (even later hours, too). The front desk staff are so sweet, the vet assistants are gentle and give excellent follow-up, and the doctors are great listeners who are happy to teach you skills to help your pet at home. They want your pets to be happy and healthy and will do whatever it takes to keep them that way. We're very fortunate that such great care is available to our pups close to home.